Sunday, September 4, 2011


I just can't believe it! The next cycle never came, and we won't need another surgery. Of course I am terrified that something could go wrong, but more than anything we are just so excited. On July 26th I took a cheapie HPT (home pregnancy test) and it came back with a faint line - which I figured was just evaporation since it was a cheapie test and I was so early. The next day I took three more tests and they were faint, but seemed pinker each time. I had some internet friends help "tweak" my tests to see if anything was there - and finally took a digital.

WE DID IT! We beat Asherman's, we beat infertility. We are having another baby. After 21 months, low count, and only one good tube we are finally pregnant. Due date is April 5, 2012. A psychic predicted a March girl for me, so who knows! She said she was leaning towards find out in March, but that March 2012 birth was also possibility. It will be exciting to see if she is right!

Ash is super excited to be a big brother, and can't understand why it is taking so long for the baby to get here, lol. He is going to be a wonderful brother.

I was very scared at the beginning, that we might lose the little bean or it wouldn't be able to implant properly. But at 7 weeks, I was able to see our little jelly bean and the heart beating away! I am now just over 9 weeks and starting to "feel pregnant".

I've been very tired and not feeling so great, so I haven't gotten any crafts or sewing done - I'm looking forward to the second trimester where I will have lots of nesting energy!

I also started back to work, so that takes up a lot of my time and energy. But in the end, it is all so worth it and I'm a pretty happy mama.

Update #2 Cycle Before Surgery

Okay, so now we are in limbo again just waiting for another cycle to go by so we can continue treatment.

We are opting for another surgery to remove more of the scarring from my uterus to give an embryo the best chance possible.

But, we decided to have some fun anyway while we waited, with no expectations. It's been a while since we've done that! I tried a new product called preseed which is a lubricant that mimics the body's natural secretions so it's great for sperm. I also used Instead Softcups to keep the good stuff closer to the cervix. :)

And secretly I am hoping it works, even though it scares me to think of the risks with there still being scarring.

Update #1 2nd HSG (uterine xray)

Wow, life has been crazy and I'm sorry I haven't updated! I can't believe it is September already...

Well, here is my attempt to get everyone up to date. Last you heard from me I was on estrogen therapy and waiting for my next cycle to start so I could have a repeat HSG.

I started the provera (progesterone) on June 23rd and 3 days after my last pill I started my next cycle. ***TMI WARNING**** I finally had a red period - not just old light, brown blood but real lining shedding. I can't tell you happy I was! So strange, I know.

On July 5th I had my 2nd HysteroSalpingoGram - or uterine xray. I was scared, and made Erik come with me again. He is so supportive! But I had nothing to fear - it didn't hurt, and I didn't get bad news this time.

It felt like a pap, that's all. No pain or cramping from the dye pushing through. I got to watch it go in on the screen and spill out my right tube. I shed tears of joy, I knew what that meant before the RE even said anything. In fact, I think he was even surprised at how fast the dye went through because they had to hustle the radiologist in so he could take the pictures!

In the end, it was good but not great news. The right side of my uterus was healthy and the tube perfectly clear. The left side was still scarred and the dye would not go very far into the left tube. So now I am only half-blocked. Dr. Young said (and I could tell he was even impressed, lol) that he thinks I have a very good chance now. I could opt for another surgery to remove more of the scarring. I said I would feel more comfortable if we just did another surgery.

So, we are okay to TTC but planning another surgery when my next cycle starts. After almost 2 years, DH's somewhat low count, and only one good tube there isn't much chance this one cycle anyway...