Saturday, June 4, 2011

Had the Surgery! Warning - Maybe TMI

The surgery went well, though it was more complicated than originally planned. I've been resting and recovery the last couple days and Erik and Ash have been great at taking care of me. The cat has been glued to my side since I got home.

If you want to read more about the exact procedure, keep reading. But you've been warned! I tried not to be too explicit, but everyone's comfort level is different.

I went in around 630am to check in and all. They started an IV and the Doctor and Anesthesiologist came and spoke with Erik and I. The staff at Lakeview Surgery center was wonderful!

Here comes the detailed part. Last chance to stop reading...

The plan was to put some dye in through the cervix and hopefully be able to push it through the tubes so that they would clear and that would be it. If that failed, they were going to put some catheters in the tubes to open them.

They went in with a laproscope through my belly button which allowed them to see inside. Then they made another incision into the scar from c-section so they could get instruments in there.

As it turns out, I had so much scar tissue from my C-section that they couldn't even get to the tubes. My Dr. was perplexed and said it is very rare for that to happen with CS. So, they cut through and removed the scar tissue and inserted a balloon catheter to keep the uterus from healing back together.

I will go back on Thursday for a check up and possible have the balloon removed. I will be given further instructions on restrictions. Originally, it was 2 days recovery and no restrictions but that may have changed. Right now I can shower but not bathe, no heavy lifting or vigorous activity for 3-5 days. We were hoping not to have to take this cycle off from trying, but looks like we might have to wait one more cycle.

I'm on lots of different medications now:
Percocet for the pain (though I haven't needed it that much)
Antibiotic (1 week)
Estradiol (25 days) to help rebuild the endometrium
Provera (progestin) for the last 5 days of the estrogen
stool softener so that the meds don't leave me constipated

So far the recovery hasn't been too bad. I slept most of Friday and a lot today as well. I feel a lot better today since the anesthesia has worn off and I don't feel so "out of it". I don't have much pain at the incision sites, had some cramping but it seems to be much better now.

The next step will be to repeat the HSG (hysterosalpingogram) where they run the dye up through the cervix and into the uterus. Hopefully this time it will fill the uterus and then spill out the tubes or at least be able to be forced through the tubes and open them. If they can't be opened, then our last course of action is invitro fertilization. They would extract eggs and fertilize them with Erik's sperm in the lab then insert them into the uterus. We have very mixed feelings about doing this, so it's not something that we will take lightly.

Here's to hoping that the surgery was successful and the tubes are clear!

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